Balsamic & Fig Whole Seed Mustard - 7.4 OZ

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Ingredients: Organic Balsamic Vinegar, Organic Yellow Mustard Seed, Water, Organic Honey, Fig Paste (Fig, Fig Concentrate), Salt, Organic Garlic More details...
Balsamic & Fig Whole Seed Mustard - 7.4 OZ
Balsamic & Fig Whole Seed Mustard - 7.4 OZ
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Product Details
Little Acre- With the tangy flavor of aged balsamic vinegar, the sweetness of dried figs and a subtle hint of garlic, this gourmet mustard is the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Providing a unique blend of taste and texture sensations, our Balsamic & Fig Mustard is especially good for topping hors d’oeuvres or cheese and crackers.  Serve with a charcuterie board or a cheese plate. We love it as a sandwich spread or as a glaze for swordfish or salmon.  Vegetarian friendly. Most ingredients are organic. - UPC:850006064045

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