Curiosity Cola - 12/275 Mili-Liters

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Colas originated from apothecaries and were heralded as elixirs with health enhancing properties. Legislation now prevents producers from making wondrous claims about the medicinal properties of their drinks but believe our cola to be somewhat curious through the inclusion of Catuaba & Guarana extracts. A stimulating recipe of ingredients? A full-bodied cola that is curiously invigorating? Curious to know more? UPC: 502939632278 More details...
Curiosity Cola - 12/275 Mili-Liters
Curiosity Cola - 12/275 Mili-Liters
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Ingredients: Carbonated Water Sugar Cola Flavor Ginger Natural Herbal Extracts Color Caramel Phosphoric Acid (E338) Caffeine. ~

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